Support for recycling old cell phones continues to increase

April 27, 2020 – A new survey released by Nanos Research shows a growing number of Canadians are in favour cell phone recycling initiatives.

The annual Understanding Cell Phone Recycling Behaviors survey, which was commissioned by the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (CWTA), reaffirms that millions of devices continue to be diverted from landfills through the CWTA’s Recycle My Cell program and other consumer actions, like reuse.

The top findings from the 2019 survey include:

An overwhelming majority of Canadians support cellphone recycling, with 81 per cent saying they are aware cell phones can be recycled.

44 per cent of Canadians reported storing an old cell phone, while 15 per cent gave it away. Ten per cent returned or traded it in to a cell phone carrier.

More than three in four Canadians aware of trade-ins or upgrade programs are aware that cell phones received through those programs are either recycled or reused.

Canadians are most aware of recycling programs through cell phone companies, retail stores, and recycling depots – When asked what cell phone recycling programs they are aware of, 27 per cent of Canadians aware of such programs mentioned cell phone company recycling programs, followed by retail stores recycling programs (23%), and recycling depot (22%).

The vast majority (eight out of ten Canadians) of those who recycled their phone are satisfied with their cell recycling experience.

55 per cent of Canadians consider recycling their cell phones for environmental reasons.

Recycle My Cell remains committed to Canadians as a platform to recycle their old wireless devices. More information on where and how to recycle can be found on our website: For the full Nanos report, click here: []