Recycling Your Device?

What you should know before recycling your device:

Before you mail or bring your mobile devices to a drop-off location, please ensure that:

  • The account for the device has been fully paid and service has been deactivated.
  • You have unlinked or logged out of any accounts linked to your device, like Cloud services, Facebook, Google (or other e-mail services), and any bank/credit accounts. If the device no longer powers on, try logging in to the account on a different device and see if there is an option to “sign out of all other devices/sessions”.
  • Your device has been cleared of all personal information. Refer below for instructions on how to wipe your device.
  • The SIM card is removed if there is one.

If mailing your used device, be sure that the device (and its accessories, if applicable) are packaged in a box or envelope using protective materials and securely attach a label to the box or envelope with its barcode visible. Click here to print a pre-paid shipping label.

Don’t forget to clear your device of all personal information before recycling!

It is very important to ensure that all personal information is erased from your device, including text messages, contacts and personal files. Instructions for clearing all data from your particular device can be accessed below. While we endeavour to provide complete and accurate information, please keep in mind that you are responsible to ensure that personal information has been erased (see Terms of Use and Disclaimer for more information).

More information about recycling other types of electronic products is available at: