Host a Drop-off Location

Step-by-Step Diagram
Hosting a drop-off location provides a valuable service to your community and helps to reduce the amount of e-waste going to landfill. Registration is quick and easy, plus we’ll provide you with all the materials you’ll need, free of charge.

Step 1 – Register:

  • Please review the Terms and Conditions document which outlines the responsibilities you are undertaking by hosting a drop-off location, as well as our responsibilities to you.
  • Please complete and submit the Registration Form. Note that we require full contact details for the individual that will be responsible for the program within your organization, as well as details about each of your drop-off locations.

Step 2 – Collect:

  • Simply set up a generic box in a convenient location at your site, display some posters and make the brochures available. You are now ready to start collecting! (Posters and brochures are available by request, so just let us know how many you’d like.)

Step 3 – Package:

  • When your collection box is full, contact us and we’ll provide you with a pre-paid shipping label and a battery label. Labels can be requested at any time by contacting [email protected] or calling 1-888-797-1740. Information on shipping requirements for shipments that include loose cell phone batteries can be found here.
  • Seal up your box and tape both labels in plain view on the box. Take care to ensure that no materials are able to fall out and that the loose cell phone batteries are packaged as per instructions.The shipping label is pre-filled with information about your specific site(s), so there is nothing for you to fill out. Boxes must not exceed 30 kg (66 lbs.) per pre-paid label.

Step 4 – Mail Out:

  • Drop off the box at any Canada Post location for free shipping.
  • Larger volumes (skids, barrels, etc.) can be accommodated but require special transportation arrangements. Contact us directly for additional information.